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The Arc Presents “Grease”









On Friday August 28, 2015 the LAC Drama Group of The Arc of Fresno/Madera Counties put on the popular musical “Grease” at the Loewen Achievement Center.   After months of practicing lines, learning numerous dances, and getting familiar with stage directions, a large group of friends and family members gathered to enjoy the show.  The cast and crew did an amazing job, and everyone had a wonderful time as the cast performed songs like: Greased Lightnin’, Summer Nights, You Are The One I Want, Beauty School Drop-Out, Born To Hand Jive and more memorable, good-time tunes.

We would like to thank everyone that came out to support those involved in the production of this timeless musical!


Directed by:  Justin Souders, Marie Meadows, and Tina Galvez

The Cast

Danny Zucco – Matthew Schilling
Sandy Olsson – Heather Stuart
Kinickie – Isaac Camarena
Rizzo – Alex Bolanos
Sonny – Ben Jackson
Marty Maraschino – Amanda Shourds
Doody – Barrett Rodgers
Frenchie – Kayla Mello
Putzy – Steven Rogers
Jan – Meghan Smith
Patty Simcox – Kristen Shimizu
Tom/Jock – Brian Yoder
Coach Calhoune – Andy Fox
Principal McGee/Waitress – Darnesha Overton
Eugene – David Griffith
Vince Fontaine/Bad Guy – Bobby Butler
Cha-Cha DeGregorio/ – Maria Caballero
Cheerleader – Tishelle Goodspeed-Locklin
Guardian Angel – Grant Rader

The Crew

Bobby Butler
Andy Fox
Tishelle Goodspeed-Locklin
David Griffith
Darnesha Overton
Grant Rader
Kristen Shimizu
Amanda Shourds
Brian Yoder

Special Thanks to

Mike & Cathy Schilling
Jay & Judy Stuart
Clovis Links-Shannon
Hadden Yvonne Williams
Janina Dowtortt
Dannette Coronado
Beverly Reynolds
Debbie Hogg
Joe Drilling
Alex Gonzalez
Marie Meadows
Brooks Seaberg
Maria Arroyo
Cathy Pennington
Erica Robles
Bradley Bigelow
Justin Souders
Tina Galvez
Sara Morales
Bryan Flowers
Melissa Hernandez
Aaron Sanchez


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  1. Lyzet Ramirez

    I love danny i hope you had a blast performing for us and throughly enjoyed the play i hope danny is doing well, I hope you understand how grateful i am for the play i plan to dance the jive to greased Lightning and i hope you will teach me some of the moves so i can show danny what i am learning thank you for an awesome play!

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