Community Living

arc fresno community living programs

The Arc of Fresno and Madera Counties strives to support individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities in all aspects of their life.  This includes living as independently as possible in a home of their own.  The Arc offers two programs that support this objective: the Independent Living Services Program (ILS) and our Support Living Services Program (SLS).  Both intend to provide the services, training, and support necessary to achieve the highest degree of independent living.


The ILS Program is designed to be a short-term service which enables clients to acquire the necessary skills to live as independent adults with minimal assistance.  The program model includes training in essential life skills and include, but is not limited to:  meal preparation which encompasses basic food groups, planning well-balanced meals, and basic nutrition; personal shopping which includes groceries, personal care items, cleaning supplies, clothing, and household supplies; personal property care to include appropriate laundry techniques, ironing, storage of clothing, use of laundry appliances, the use of other personal items; appropriate grooming, daily bathing, oral hygiene, hair care, clean clothing appropriate to the activity and weather, and participation in leisure activities or hobbies.  Training may also be provided to assist clients in acquiring the appropriate social and communication skills to be better able to express their needs and concerns and to learn problem solving techniques.


In addition to the ILS Program, The Arc provides Supported Living Services (SLS) in a single-family home setting.  This program is designed as a transitional residential home for clients that require a higher level of training and supervision. The purpose of the SLS Program is to provide a transitional training experience to assist clients in moving to a more independent environment, including services provided by the ILS Program.  The training that is provided is similar to that of the ILS Program but more intensive and is tailored to meet each person’s individualized goals and objectives.  Training and supervision is provided on a 24-hour basis with professional staff on duty at all times.

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