To empower, inspire and support individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to become active members of their community.



We are the leading provider of services that open doors to create an inclusive world in which all with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities can thrive.


Our standard of performance is excellence. We are unified in all our actions and decisions by a set of Basic Principles, and we approach our work with passion and commitment to improving the lives of those we serve.


We believe that integrity, caring and commitment are the hallmarks of great service, and we strive to exemplify these traits. We are honest, open and ethical in all our interactions.


We focus on our shared humanity, the link that binds us all. We believe that all people are entitled to dignity and respect.


We maintain an organizational culture that looks toward the future and inspires creativity. We seek different perspectives and embrace each new challenge as an opportunity to adapt and improve our services.

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