Arc Fresno empowers individuals with developmental disabilities to attain greater independence by offering everyday life experiences in a supportive community.


Arc Fresno is the premier provider of services that educate, employ and enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.


We believe that all people are entitled to dignity and respect. Our success is directly linked to the accomplishments of the people we serve, and we take great pride in their success.


Arc Fresno is more than just a place to work. It is an experience of belonging, teamwork, and involvement where everyone is challenged to learn, explore and grow.


We believe that integrity, compassion and commitment are the hallmarks of great leadership, and we will strive to exemplify these traits in every relationship we develop and with every service we provide.


We maintain an organizational culture that looks toward the future and inspires and encourages creativity. We will continue to embrace each new challenge as an opportunity to improve our services.

Employee Satisfaction

Arc Fresno employees are respected, accepted and appreciated for their unique and important contributions to the mission. We support our employees by providing opportunities for growth, development and advancement at all levels of the organization.

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