Pathfinders to Employment

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The Arc of Fresno and Madera Counties fully supports an individual’s right to work as indicated through our Employment Plus program. The professional staff of Employment Plus assists all clients with securing a job that best meets their interests, skill level, and income needs.  Staff will provide the necessary support and follow-up to ensure job retention, job satisfaction, maximum earnings, employer satisfaction, and a successful employment experience.  Employment opportunities may include but is not limited to government sites or facilities, food services, personal services, retail outlets, or concession sales.


All clients interested in the Employment Plus program will be required to participate in a pre-employment screening, evaluation, and assessment to identify areas of interest and to determine specific goals and training needs essential for securing a successful job placement. Job placements may be in an individual setting, a small group, or commercial services. 


Employment Connection is The Arc service that assists job seekers with disabilities to secure a fully integrated placement, at a competitive wage level, within a local business setting. Through the services of a professional Job Developer and a qualified Job Coach, a career choice which matches the individual’s aptitude and preferences is secured and maintained.

Employment Plus helps individuals with more complex and significant levels of disability to enjoy the benefits of employment within highly structured and more accommodated settings. Participants work in small groups of 3-4, and receive continuous instruction and training, while being paid commensurate wages based on individual productivity. Work settings available to individuals include janitorial services, container recycling, landscape maintenance, and electronic waste processing, among others.

Local Employment Partners

Listed below are some local employers who are employing people with disabilities:
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