Supported Living – Discovery House

The Discovery House is a transitional living home for individuals who want to learn how to live independently.   We provide intensive supportive living services for a two year (approximate) period with the ultimate goal of maximizing the participant’s potential and ultimately live as independently as possible.

Supported Living Services is a service that helps you achieve the lifestyle that you most desire.  At the Discovery House, your Life Skills Coach will work collaboratively with you to identify your life goals and help make them a reality.

Your goals are unique to you, the individual.  Some examples of the services offered:

  • Teaching you to manage your money
  • Teaching you how to clean and maintain your home
  • Teaching you how to shop for items you need
  • Teaching you about proper nutrition and how to prepare meals
  • Teaching you to find a means of getting around the community
  • Teaching you how to stay safe and healthy
  • Teaching you social awareness and communication skills
  • Teaching you how to have healthy relationships
  • Teaching you how to find and use community resources
  • Teaching you about self advocacy
  • Involving your family in your program according to your needs

To learn more about the Discovery House, please call Cameron St. Clair at

559-226-6268 x18

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